Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Lori Kendrick

Lori Kendrick        

Week of February
 19 - February 23

Monday -
Identify Fractions

Day 1  Encore

Tuesday - 

Identify Fractions

Day 2 Encore

Wednesday - 

Please complete and return the Math homework sheet that was sent home to school tomorrow

Identify Fractions

Day 3 Encore

Thursday - 

Identify Fractions

Day 4 Encore

Friday - No Homework
Identify Fractions

Day 1 Encore

Encore Rotation Schedule for 2A

Day 1     Gym (Greear)
Day 2     Library/Guidance
Day 3     Gym (Sturgill)
Day 4    Computer Lab

Parent Connection:


Students have their usernames and passwords for the websites

Pre-K, K, 2nd, & 4th  will be able to buy ice cream from the cafeteria on Thursdays Right now, the flavors offered will be:  Push-ups Ice Cream Sandwiches Fudge Bar Sour Cherry Popsicle Cotton Candy Ice Cream