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Yearbook Pictures Needed
If your child did not have his/her picture taken at school this year, could you please take a current picture and send it to us?  Please take the picture somewhere with a solid colored background and only from the waist up.  We don't want anyone left out!

You may email the picture to



 New Dickenson County School Inclement Weather Related School Closures for Students and Staff  
           On Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2020,  the Dickenson County School Board adopted the attached "Dickenson County School Inclement Weather Related Closures for Students and Staff".  With the flexibility provided by the Virginia Department of Education this year, a Virtual Day for a snow day is scheduled.  
Please note the three color coded weather related schedule changes,  On Code Green Schedule:  Schools are closed, but students will have a Virtual Day from 10:00 - 3:00 p.m for a snowday.  
My thanks and gratitude for all your support and patience during these times.
Haydee L. Robinson, 
Division Superintendent


You can check out these links for additional information & support with Onsite and Remote Learning Opportunities for Your Children. 
Dickenson County Public Schools 2020-21 Instructional Plan & Guidelines for Parents/Guardians
 DCPS Outreach & Support Website
Attention:  Parents/Guardians of CES Remote Students
The Parent/Student and Attendance/Conduct Handbooks (including the Expectations/Consequences Booklet) can be accessed online at by hovering over the Parents/Students tab and clicking the Handbooks link. You can print off the last page & sign & date that.  Then you can drop the signed form by the school. (During meal pickup on Wednesdays would be a great time.)  You can also come by the school & we can give you the form to sign.  If you have any questions, please call us at 926-6088.  Thank you!


Thank you for participating so that we can maintain the CEP (free breakfasts & lunches) for all students in Dickenson County!
School Meals Schedule:
Cohort A    3 day breakfast and lunch meals will be sent home with students on Tuesdays
Cohort B    3 day  breakfast and lunch meals will be sent home with students on Fridays

Remote/Virtual Learners:
 5 day breakfast and lunch meals will be available at the closest school for pick up on Wednesdays from 10:30-12:30

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The mission of Dickenson County Public Schools is to provide a safe, nurturing environment to educate and inspire students to become lifelong learners and to encourage intellectual, social, and physical growth in a diverse and changing society.

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