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Ms. Edwards


Ms. Edwards
​Students are coming home every Monday with a practice worksheet that contains questions from previous Benchmark tests.  These are to be completed and returned by Friday of each week for a homework grade. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Since we have been in school for a while now and students should now know classroom rules/expectations, I will no longer be sending behavior charts home weekly.  If I need to speak with you concerning your child's behavior, I will contact you.

DEC. 4-6
Monday: Estimating sums and differences: Students completed a worksheet on estimating sums and differences (rounding the two numbers they are adding/subtracting, and then solving).  Students then reviewed word problem questions pertaining to addition and subtraction, similar to what they would see on a Benchmark test. 

Please note that I do NOT send homework home with students the first semester (Aug-Dec) of school.  This is a time to structure and help students grow in knowledge from what they learned in first grade.  Grades come from in-class worksheets (given once new material has been mastered), participation, and tests.  We will do all work in class, as I will teach and instruct students on how to do the work, then use various manipulatives to see how well they are progressing and what they need to spend more time on.  If your child is struggling, and you make the request, I will be more than willing to send you some additional work home to help them progress in 2nd grade. 

Your child WILL be bringing study guides home the week of the unit test.  This WILL need to be reviewed as it will help them make a better grade. 

ALL graded papers will be sent home on FRIDAYS. If I happen to miss a Friday, or we are out of school on a Friday, then graded papers will come home the following Friday.

 If you have any questions or concerns, contact me via email