Clintwood Elementary

2nd Grade Supply List for 2023/2024 

1 Communication folder
Loose leaf paper (Mullins & Fuller )
2 boxes ticonderoga Pencils ( All Teachers)
2 boxes of crayons ( All Teachers)
1 box of colored pencils . (Mullins, Fuller )
Composition notebooks *( 4 Mullins, 2 Baker)
3 ring binder* (Fuller's Class)
Dry Erase markers. (Fuller's Class)
Glue sticks(Mullins' Class & Fuller Classes))
Headphones (Please place in a Ziploc bag and label with name)

*Second Grade will be self contained this year. Each teacher added
and requested certain materials for their classroom.
Optional 1 box of kleenex and 1 container of clorox wipes;
Headphones for Computer Lab – (Please place in a Ziploc bag and label with name)

All supplies will be labeled, distributed and stored properly by
second-grade teachers. Please do not fill pencil pouches with supplies
beforehand. The only supply that needs to be labeled is
headphones/earbuds .