Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Greear

To All Students: 

Use the Activity Log to keep up with your physical activities for the remainder of the school year.  If you don’t have a printer, you can just make one on paper. I will list some fun links that you can also incorporate into your daily routine.  You are not limited to just the links. You can also count any physical activity that you do on your own.

Remember:  Your goal is 60 minutes of physical activity per day! Don’t forget your stretching! 

Try to incorporate 1) Upper body strength 2) core strength 3) 
aerobic capacity and 4) flexibility into your daily routine! 

Here's the link to the Activity Log that you can print off ! (may have to copy and paste): https://tinyurl.com/wl8rsmk

pe log

  • Assignment from Mr. Greear: 3RD, 4TH and 5TH GRADES!!: Do the Tummy Toughie Challenge  (Curl Ups)  at home!! Do as many curl ups as you can for 1 minute . (Remember to count them!) 

  • Email me your scores!  I will put the top scores on this page for everyone to see! 

Everyone: Have a daily routine! 

  • Get up early just like a regular school day!

                     Get exercise! This will benefit your overall wellness. (Physical, social, emotional, intellectual!)

  •  Take a few breaks. If it seems overwhelming, don’t try to get it all done at once! 


  • Use the Links Below for some Fun Workout Ideas! The first link has a workout for each day. The last three YouTube links are the "You Choose" style exercise activities! 






Thank you for continuing to support your health in these challenging times! 
If you have any questions, email me at [email protected]