Hello My Name Is...

Randi Beverly

I am currently the special education teacher for 4th  and 5th grade.  My planning is from 9:10-10:00 daily if you need to contact me.

As a special educator in the inclusion setting, I work collaboratively with the general education teachers.  I currently go into Mrs. Crabtree's Language Arts classes and Mrs. Johnson's Math classes.  I work and interact with all students in these classes daily.  I also work Mrs. Stanley's  4th grade homeroom during their Language Arts class.

I also wanted to inform you and your child of my expectations for them this year. I strive to get students to be responsible for their education. Being prepared for class, having their assignments completed, paying attention in class, and following school rules are a few of the responsibilities that I expect students to continue to improve upon. I will be here to help and guide them on their journey. Together we can make this a successful year.

Helpful Tips for Your Young Readers!

1. When your child is watching television, use the closed caption as much as possible. This gives them extra opportunity to see and hear words. 

2. Create labels with your child for house hold items. Ask your child what they would like to label.  Spell the word with your child and tape it on the item. For example: Window, door, phone, bedroom, clock, wall, etc. I would do this with as much things as you can think of. Leave them up until your child can fluently read and identify each word!  Have them read and spell a word intermittently.