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Welcome to Ms. McCoy's Page!
October 16 - 20
Encore starts with Day 1 on Monday, October 16.

**Fall Festival On Friday,12:25 - 1:15

Unit 4 "Seasons All Around"
Week 3 "Weather Report"

Letter of the week: Uu
*Letter name
*Letter shape
*Letter sound

Review: Ss, Pp, Tt, Oo and Xx
Ask your child to tell you words that begin with these letters. Look for these letters in books, on signs, or just anywhere you find the opportunity.

Begin to recognize rhyming words.
Discriminate rhyming from non-rhyming words.
Begin to recognize name in print. 

Fine Motor Skills: Tracing / Writing letters and numbers.

Math Skills: 
*Identify First, Middle, and last in a series.

*Oral counting to 20.
*Number 8. 

Math Review:
*Recognize numbers 0-7

Social/Emotional Development:
*Listens and takes turns in conversation.
*Interacts with others in appropriate ways.
*Cooperates with others in group activities.
*Uses materials appropriately.
*Uses good manners.
*Understands that actions have consequences.

Encore Schedule:

Day 1 - P.E. (Mr. Greear)
Day 2 - Computer Lab
Day 3 - Library
Day 4 - P.E. (Mrs. Sturgill)