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Timothy Rasinski's Patriotic Songbook

Merriam Webster Word Central

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Monthly Literacy Activity from PALS
(Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening)

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VKRP (Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program)
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Remember to read every day!!

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Telling Time to the Hour

Addition and Subtraction Practice

Count to 100 video   

Rhyming Word Match​

Molly Adds to 10

Adding Dice Dots  (Choose color.  Then choose 2 dice.)

Sorting Counting and Comparing

Comparing Ordering Numbers

Counting and Number Practice

Count to 20 and back from 20 to 1

2 color counter 5 Frame

2 color counter 10 Frame

Tuesday, June 04, 2019
Today is Day 176

  There is 0 more days in the fourth quarter.
There is 0 more days in the school year.


Please limit homework to 10 minutes each evening.

J. Hill, CES Kindergarten B

Count to 100 Video

Please practice reading high-frequency words each evening.  Focus on these
words this week:

off, take, look, out,

have, help, he, no, she, all, said, good,

make, play, go,  for,  will, be, find, this,

how, here, now, you, what, with, come,

me, my, like, look, the, can, are

List of all Kindergarten High-Frequency

Words for the whole year:  HERE

Math:  Taking a part away from a total 

and finding the difference;

Putting two groups together to

find the total

We will continue to work on numbers 0 to 20.  We will be comparing groups to see which is more or less and order numbers to 10.

We will also be counting to 100 and back from 20 to 0 this week and reviewing shapes.

How do children learn?  Check this out.

Spelling City

Check out the Useful Links section for tools and materials
to support our work in school.

FunBrain games and activities

Check out our PHOTO GALLERY.

We are practicing Bucket Filling behaviors!

In the Useful Links section you will be able to access our reading text,
decodable stories and leveled readers for this week.

Online "Fridge Magnets" to practice spelling

 Reading Books.png   

Read with your child every day.

Our Daily Schedule:

8:15-8:40               Homeroom/Morning Meeting
8:40-10:10             Reading
10:10-10:40           Recess
10:45-11:15           Lunch
11:20-12:15           Math
12:15-12:40            Math I/E
12:40-1:25              Encore (Gym/Library/Gym/Lab)
1:30-2:00                 Social Studies
2:05-2:35                 Reading I/E
2:40-3:00                 Snack/Prepare for Dismissal

Review and practice because:

Routine with repetition and slightly different activities will build confidence and allow for growth of skills.

Check out the Useful Links!

In the Reading section, you will find:  leveled books, phonics readers, weekly selection from our Reading text, word lists and MORE.

Please email with any questions.  Being prepared is the most important step in assuring a successful year from the first day to the last.  Access materials and activities from the Useful Links section to make review and transition easier and stress-free.