Welcome to Ms. McCoy's Page. 

October 14-18
Encore starts with Day 2 ( P.E. Mr. Greear)on the 14th.

Reading: Module 3, Week 1
Letter - Ii- Short i and Long i 
*Letter name
*Letter sound
*Letter shape

Review letters: Aa, Mm, Ss, Bb, Tt, Nn, Dd, Cc, and Pp

Decodable Books: "Sid" and "Sid Bit It"

Have your child read these books daily. Save them for your own personal library and for End of Module Review.
Make sure your child is pointing to each word as he/she is reading. 

Module 3 High Frequency Words:
*Week 1 - an, it, has

Review Module 1 and 2 High-Frequency Words
Have your child look for these words in books, on labels, or anywhere you may find the opportunity. This will increase word recognition.

Math Skills: 
*Compare groups of numbers up to 10.
*Count and write numbers 0-10
*Oral counting 1- 20

Math Vocabulary: none

Social/Emotional Development:                
*Listens and takes turns in conversation.                             
*Interacts with others in appropriate ways.         
*Cooperates with others in group activities.              
*Uses materials appropriately.                                                   
*Uses good manners.                                                    
*Understands that actions have consequence

Encore Schedule:

Day 1 - Computer Lab
Day 2 - P.E. (Mr. Greear)
Day 3 - Library
Day 4 - Music/ P.E. (Mrs. Sturgill) Art

**Music: 1st & 4th 30 days; P.E. (Mrs. Sturgill): 2nd & 5th 30 days; Art: 3rd & 6th 30 days.

Fall Festival October 18th
Kindergarten 11:45-12:30
An adult needs to accompany each student in Kindergarten.