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April 15-18
Encore starts with Day 3 (Library)on the 15th.

Unit 6/Lesson 26
Leveled Reader: Teamwork
Decodable Reader: "All In"

Not all students have the same reader. The reader your child brings home is the one he/she is responsible for. All students participate in group readings with all the above readers during class.

**Please read  with your child each day. Encourage tracking (finger pointing) while reading. Child points to each word being read. Then point to individual words and have them identify words chosen.

Letter: Uu
*Letter name
*Letter sound
*Letter shape

Unit 6 High-Frequency Words:
Lesson 26 - do, down

High-Frequency Words Review:
 I, like, the, and, see, we, a, to, 
come, me, with, my, you, what, are, now 
 is, how, find, this, will, be, go, for
make, play, good, said, all, she, he, no

 Have your child look for these words in books, on labels, or anywhere you may find the opportunity. This will increase word recognition.

Spelling words: No spelling test

Math Skills:
*Telling time to the hour
*Count and write numbers 11-20 
*Read, write and count numbers 0-20
*Oral counting 1-100
*Count back from 20

Math Review:
*Compare groups of numbers  up to 10 and tell which is more or less
*Identify coins - penny nickel, dime, quarter
*Interpret Data - graphs and charts
*Recognize and write numbers 0-20
*Recognize and draw Shapes 
*Square - 4 equal sides, 4 corners
*Rectangle - 4 sides, 2 long sides and 2 short sides, 4 corners
*Triangle - 3 sides, 3 corners
*Circle - curved line
*Oval - curved line

Social/Emotional Development:

*Listens and takes turns in conversation.
*Interacts with others in appropriate ways.
*Cooperates with others in group activities.
*Uses materials appropriately.
*Uses good manners.
*Understands that actions have consequences.

Encore Schedule:

Day 1 - Computer Lab
Day 2 - P.E. (Mr. Greear)
Day 3 - Library
Day 4 - P.E. (Mrs. Sturgill)