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Encore Schedule
Day 1- Computer Lab   
Day 2- PE (Greear)    
Day 3- Library        
Day 4- PE (Sturgill)  

Students will have review sheets to review skills we have worked on this year. The sheets this week are reviewing Cause and Effect. We will grade these daily and they will count as daily homework grades. Students have a History study guide that they should be studying nightly for 5-10 minutes. We have highlighted the sections we have covered. Only those sections should be studied. We will continue to highlight sections as we cover them in class. 

Monday- Cause/Effect sheet- Traveling with the Corps
Tuesday- Cause/Effect sheet- Emilio
Wednesday-Cause/Effect- Fishing Fun
Thursday-Cause/Effect- Vacation

Important News/Events/Class assignments
1. Perfect ATTENDANCE is critical, especially at this time of the school year. Your child must be at school in order to be prepared for the SOL tests and for 6th grade.