Heather Mullins

Third Grade 

What we are studying

Language Arts
Skills - subjects and predicates, parts of a story, multiple-meaning words

Spelling Words - crop, plan, thing, smell, shut, sticky, spent, lunch, pumpkin, clock, gift, class, skip, swing

Vocabulary Words 
principal - the leader of a school
strolled - walked slowly
proud - pleased with yourself or someone else
worried - thinking about something bad that may happen
soared - flew upward
announced - made known
fine - very nice
certainly - surely

Link to this week's story read online:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9IAx766gVE

Plants and Animals

Week 2

Important Dates
Students will have homework EVERY night!!
Please check folders daily.
Please return yellow folders on Tuesdays.  Graded papers will come home in these on Mondays.
Please return all paperwork as soon as possible.
Spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension tests will be on Fridays

All dates and tests are subject to change


Day 1 - PE Greear

Day 2 - Library

Day 3 - PE Sturgill

Day 4 - Computer Lab

Cap Erasers
Loose leaf paper
Black dry erase markers


Ways to help your child:
* Ask what we did in class today.  Find out what we are learning about and allow your child to show you.
* Ask your child to use the vocabulary words in a sentence.
* Read a story with your child and ask him/her to summarize what happened.  Ask about the title, author, characters, setting, problem, and solutin.

Helpful websites:
Link to our reading book:  https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/reading/journeys/na/gr3/ese_9780547360270_/volume1/launch.html#



Sight word lists :  https://sightwords.com/sight-words/fry/#lists

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