Heather Mullins

Heather Mullins

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Important Dates

May 17 - 2nd Grade Field Day
May 18 - 2nd Grade Field Trip to Kids Corner Park

May 23 - Awards Day
May 23 - Last Day of School

Monday - Computer Lab
Tuesday - PE-Sturgill
Wednesday - Library/Guidance
Thursday - PE-Greear
Friday - Computer Lab

Ways to help your child:
* Ask what we did in class today.  Find out what we are learning about and allow your child to show you.
* Give your child an assortment of items lined up.  Ask which is first, second, third, etc.  Allow your child to read a thermometer and ask him/her what the temperature is.
* Make up some 2 digit addition and subtraction problems for your child to work on.  These are also hard concepts for many children and the more they practice, the better they will understand.
* Give your child a practice spelling test.  
* Ask your child to use the vocabulary we are learning in sentences.

www.ABCya.com is a wonderful resource for practicing skills we have been learning about in class.

www.spellingcity.com is another wonderful resource to practice the language arts skills we have been learning about.