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Mrs. Steele

Andrea Steele

     Welcome to Mrs. Steele's page! If your child is in my class this year, I look forward to meeting you and getting to know your son/daughter. On this site, you will find homework, schedules, supply list, and other information. I will update it weekly.

     In class, a newsletter will go home every Monday. This will have a list of new spelling and vocabulary words for the test on Friday. Please look for it in your child's folder each week. A leveled reader will also go home on Monday. Please help your child read this several times throughout the week and return the reader on Friday. Your child's graded work will come home the following Monday in a file folder. Please look at, take out all papers, and sign the inside of the folder.
 If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me anytime by e-mail. If you would rather see me in person or talk on the phone, you may stop by or call between 9:55-10:40. 

Homework for the week of Aug. 21-25


 Language Arts

 Social Studies  Events     


Newsletter and leveled reader goes home in communication folder.                           Solar Eclipse  
Read leveled reader & study spelling and vocabulary words.

Read leveled reader & study spelling and vocabulary words.
Read leveled reader & study spelling and vocabulary words. 
Friday  Test day (Comprehension, spelling, and vocabulary) No homework!

*** Spelling Word List for the Week ***

lay, real, trail, sweet, today, dream, seem, tea, treat, afraid, leave, bait, screen, speed 

Bonus: yesterday, explain