Janice Hill

Ice Cream will be sold in the cafeteria each Friday for First Grade students.
The cost is 75 cents.
These flavors are currently available.

Ice Cream Sandwiches
Fudge Bar
Sour Cherry Popsicle
Cotton Candy Ice Cream 

Please send money in an envelope or Ziploc Bag that is labelled with the child's name & the words "Ice Cream".

Math Tools for This Week:  Ten Frame and Counters

Making Sums to 10  HERE

You may access our first-grade reading books online:
JOURNEYS (Select Book 1.)
We are reading the story, "The Storm"
and the partner text "Storms" this week.
Please check your child's homework folder for the
word list and other skills to be studied.

Our Daily Schedule:  HERE
Best review for beginning of school:
Alpha Friends Song:  HERE
Kindergarten High-Frequency Words:  HERE

Solar Eclipse Info:  HERE

If you have ever wondered why Maggie Walker is included in our First Grade History SOL, check this out:  Maggie Walker Monument

Please check the "Useful Links" section at left to access resources for reading and math.

New Math SOL curriculum framework: 


teach your monster to read

Coin Sort Activity:  HERE and HERE

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Today is Day 12

Encore Rotation: Library

We have 168 days left in this school year after today.
  There are 33 more days in the first quarter.
What does good reading sound like?
Check out this article: 
The Music of Reading Alou

J. Hill, First Grade 1D, Homework:  
August 21-August 25


Please limit homework to 15 or 20 minutes each evening.

Our story this week:  "The Storm"

Your child's reading homework will be in the homework folder.

Joining parts to make a total:  What are different ways to make totals from 1-10?  (Ex:  2+3=5, 3+2=5, 1+4=5, 4+1=5, 0+5=5, 5+0=5)  ONLINE ACTIVITY 
Online Activity 2:  Molly Adds Up
Review kindergarten word list and practice counting small items up to 20 and back from 20 to 0.

If you would like to try some online activities:

Adding Doubles

More Adding Doubles

The Cat in the Hat activities from PBS

Activities at Seussville

Place Value:  Hammer Numbers:  HERE

Practice Math Skills HERE

Manipulative Tool Chest for Math:  HERE

and at ABCya HERE

More Telling Time to the Hour:  HERE

Word Family Sort:  HERE

Spelling City--all first grade lists by lesson

CVC Pop short vowel practice

Practice Counting to 100:  HERE

Use this link for Spelling City, then choose unit (Lesson) to review:

Spelling City

First Grade Supply List is in Useful Links section.

How do children learn?  Check this out.

Our Reading Text Online:  HERE

Spelling City

Reading and spelling practice for all levels HERE

Also, for materials for our reading text, go to Useful Links.

Check out the Useful Links section for tools and materials
to support our work in school.

FunBrain games and activities

Check out our PHOTO GALLERY.

We are practicing Bucket Filling behaviors!

Check out the Photo Gallery for new pictures!

In the Useful Links section you will be able to access our reading text,
decodable stories and leveled readers for this week.

Online practice with word study, plurals. . .

Check out our Photo Gallery.

Practice with Graphs:

Bar Graph Sorter
Bugs in the System Graphing
Counting and Graphing Objects
Graph and Tally Lessons and Activities
Additional Links for Graphing

Telling Time

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Manipulatives to practice patterns

Fractions Quiz

Cross the River Fractions Game

Turkey Terminator Fraction Game

Fractions Link 1 Equal Parts

Fractions Link 2 (1/2, 1/3, 1/4)  

Shape Construction Activity

 Counting to 100/Identifying Numbers

Base Ten Blocks to Practice Place Value

Sight Word Bingo

Spelling City
High-Frequency Word Practice Game

Online "Fridge Magnets" to practice spelling

Reading Tips for Parents of First Graders

Reading Books.png   

Read with your child every day.

Our Daily Schedule:

8:15-8:40               Homeroom/Morning Meeting
8:40-10:45             Reading
10:45-11:05           Math Fact Fluency
11:05-11:35            Lunch
11:35-12:05            Recess
12:05-1:35               Math
1:40-2:25                 Encore
2:25-3:00                 Social Studies/Science
3:00-3:10                  Snack
3:10-3:15                  Prepare for Dismissal                     

Routine with repetition and slightly different activities will build confidence and allow for growth of skills.

Check out the Useful Links!

In the Reading section, you will find:  leveled books, phonics readers, weekly selection from our Reading text, word lists and MORE.

Please email with any questions.  Being prepared is the most important step in assuring a successful year from the first day to the last.  Access materials and activities from the Useful Links section to make review and transition easier and stress-free.