Clintwood Elementary

2nd Grade Supply List  

● 2 boxes of 24 crayons (NO markers or colored pencils)
● Glue sticks (one pack of 6)
● Scissors
● 2 One-subject composition notebooks
● 2 boxes of pencils (Plain wooden pencils. Ticonderoga brand is recommended.)
● Cap erasers
● Pencil pouch (NO boxes)
● 1 eraser for a dry erase board
● 1 pack of 6 dry erase markers (Black only)
● 1 box of gallon-size Ziploc bags
● One 1-inch binder
● Kleenex & Clorox Wipes are optional & would be very much appreciated.

Please put student’s name on the pencil pouch with the following items inside:
● 1 box of crayons
● 1 glue stick
● Scissors
● 3 pencils
● 2 cap erasers
● 1 dry erase marker

Please send the pencil pouch along with these items on the 1st day:
2 composition notebooks,
the 1-inch binder 
dry erase board eraser 
ziploc bags to school

Please put all other items in a bag or container at home to give to your child as he/she needs those throughout the year.